A rewards problem that actually benefits you. Phantom Points cannot be redeemed with coupons.

We reward all of our loyal customers of So that’s why we developed the Phantom Points Rewards Program.  Sign up today and see what benefits and promotions you will receive!

You will be assigned your own Phantom Points Account once you register for an account. Here you will find all your account activities such as order details and the Phantom Points you’ve earned and redeemed. The more interaction you have on our site, including purchases, logging in, and reviews, the more points you will earn. All of this will add up into valuable Phantom Points that you can use with its dollar equivalent on your next order.

All you have to remember is that Phantom Points are generally based on the equivalent price of the product you are buying because we use a 1:1 formula.

This means for every dollar spent you receive one ACE Buck. So if the product you are buying is priced at $50, then you will get 50 Ace Bucks that will be held in your account until you use them on your next order.

Just remember that Ace Bucks redemption cannot be used in conjunction with Coupon Codes usage and other freebies upon reaching a certain total amount.


Easy ways to earn.
  • 200 Phantom Points = Referral (applied on the referral’s first purchase)
  • 200 Phantom Points = Sign-up Bonus (awarded after first purchase)
  • 20 Phantom Points = Product Review (applies on purchased products)
  • 5 Phantom Points = Daily Login
  • 20 Phantom Points = Comment on Blog (one comment per Blog Article)

1. Earn Phantom Points

Phantom Points are awarded after all discounts or coupon codes used. Once your order is completed, your Phantom Points will be automatically added to your account.

2. Phantom Points Computation

Every $1 you spend on products, you get 1 Phantom Point. Redeeming your points is based on the ratio of 25 Phantom Point which is equivalent to $1.00 (4%)

3. Redeem Phantom Points

During checkout, enter the number of Phantom Points you want to use on your order and the system will automatically compute its dollar equivalent as a discount.

Leave us Reviews!

After receiving your goods, head back over to our website to leave a review and you’ll receive 20 Phantom Points for each product review.

By leaving reviews on other platforms, you can earn up to 375 Phantom Points per order ($15 Value). Reviews on the following platforms will be eligible for Phantom Points.

Please note: there is a limit of 1 review per platform, per order. This prevents the platforms from being flooded by reviews of the same user and allows others for a chance to earn points through reviews.

You will only receive points if you follow the proper format for reviews on that particular platform (for example, if you post on CanadianMOMs, you must follow the required format, with pictures. 1-2 sentences will not work.)

  • Reddit (r/MOMpics)
  • Reddit (r/CanadianMOMs)
  • Budview (Review)
  • CanadianMOMs (Forum)
  • Instagram (Tag us on IG)