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KUSH Hemp Wraps Kiwi Strawberry

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Made with Canadian Hemp
-100% Tobacco Free
-100% Nicotine Free
-Super Seal: Glue Free Design
-2 Large Wraps per Pouch


KUSH® roll your own herbal blend products and wrappers are not intended for use with any material that is not legal for smoking, and are also not intended for use with tobacco.

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Herbal Cigarette or Cigar Instructions

  1. Open the package and pull out the herbal smoking sheet.
  2. Cut sheet to your preferred sized.
  3. Repack the remaining portion of the sheet for later use.
  4. Move apart the edges of the cut portion to open the shell.
  5. Add your favorite roll your own herbal filler to the shell or use the KUSH® herbal roll your own blend for a better smoking experience.
  6. Roll and seal the herbal smoking shell to create a finished herbal cigarette or cigar.

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