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Showing all 4 results

Psilocybe Cubensis Edibles Grape 3000MG Gummies by The Green Samurai

Grape 3000mg 3 x 1000mg Ingredients:  Corn Syrup, Sugar, Fruit Juice, Gelatin, Citrus Acid and Psilocybin Mushrooms

Variety Pack 200MG THC Gummies by Doobie Snacks

We work hard to provide the tastiest treats and edibles. We assess, examine, and check all the products we produce to guarantee that we have the finest-quality and potency. It does not matter if you are a long time user or a newbie when it comes to edibles, Most likely, we have all the product that will cater to your needs. This variety pack consist of 8 pieces of THC infused gummies. 25mg of THC content per piece 200mg THC content per bag

Lollipops 150MG THC by Doobie Snacks

Lollipops 150MG THC by Doobie Snacks Rich and tasty cannabis-infused candies are the perfect way to ingest your medication at controlled doses. 1 lollipop weighs 20g and is infused with 150mg THC per piece. They are available in different appetizing flavors. Banana Keylime Watermelon Rootbeer Green Apple Mang/Peach Pineapple

Hard Candy 150MG THC By Kush Kitchen

Name:Kush Kitchen Hard Candy THC Content:  150 MG CBD Content:  10 MG Flavors: Grape, Blue Raspberry Ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, cannabis concentrate, artificial color, and flavor. Slightly stronger than 100 MG Lollipops, you can enjoy these hard candies slowly and continuously as each bag contains 150 MG of THC scattered throughout numerous pieces. Let them dissolve in your mouth for the best results! Flavors include Blue Raspberry and Grape.