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Showing all 10 results

Mayan Sun God Hash

Mayan Stamp Hash is a true domestic hash produced with AAA+ cannabis flowers grown directly in Beautiful British Columbia. This dense and intense hash differs from traditional hash – its’ made using freshly harvested and frozen THC trichomes sourced from various indica strains grown throughout BC which are then pressed with subtle heat and tremendous pressure creating a dense brick of hashish with a longer than average shelf life. Once these beautiful bricks are pressed, they’re stamped with a seal of approval in the form of the Mayan God Kinich Ahau, who fittingly represents light, time and heat. From there, the hash is cured in dark, optimal temperatures where the natural terpenes of different indica cannabis strains develop and enhance. The aroma and flavour of Mayan Stamp Hash is likened to that of OG Kush, or El Jefe – prominent notes of cedar wood, pine, and a slightly nutty spiciness combine to create a unique profile that’ll suit the tastes of any hash connoisseur.

Charas Hash

Charas are a form of hashish that have been appreciated and cultivated in Nepal and the surrounding regions for thousands and thousands of years. The cultivators carefully separate THC trichomes from other unwanted plant matter such as hairs or pistils to create a greatly concentrated end-product. Often hand-made, Charas Hash require over 20 hours of meticulous, hard-work of hand-collecting even before the curing process. The patient process of curing these hash requires weeks of time, allowing for smooth and robust flavour profile and deeper, more potent high. Charas Hash are reminiscent of pure, imported hashish from pre-1990s, and pack a potent punch. Because of the careful and meticulous process that collects the most resinous trichomes with less plant matter as possible, Charas Hash is extremely high in THC and can contain upwards of 55%-80% on average, with some sources reporting that it also contains higher than average levels of CBD! Sourced from regional strains such as Kerala Gold, Malana Cream and other local landrace strains, Charas Hash from this region is known for its pleasant and hearty aroma and flavour profile. The deep aroma of Charas Hash are known for their striking earthy base, with notes of a dry cedar-like woodiness and a mellow, creamy undertones.

Turkish Karma Hash

Looking for the most cerebral hash high on the market today? Rid your inner demons and relax your mind with Turkish Karma Hash, one of the finest hashish specimens on the market that have their origins in the Middle East. This hash is an indica dominant hashish that is well known in the hash world for its deeply relaxing buzz. With a light to medium potency, this strain is great for a good time with friends as you lie back and take in your surroundings. The tradition of growing marijuana and making hash have been passed down in Turkey for hundreds of years. With a greeny-brown appearance, Turkish hash is rather brittle, but of a good quality, with centuries-old growing manufacturing traditions as most Turkish hashish is made from cannabis cultivated in the Anatolia region of Turkey.

Amsterdam Skull Hash

Amsterdam Skull Hash imported straight from Amsterdam! The smell and taste that will take you right to the red light district! This product reminds us of a quality bubble Hash, but its the real deal straight from the Netherlands! Act fast as the supply is limited at the moment, but we placed an order for more. On top of it, the price is more than affordable! Enjoy Hash smokers!

Philosopher’s Stone Hash

Philosopher’s Stone Hash is pressed by a local connoisseur in British Columbia. Philosopher's Stone Hash is a quality, hand-pressed hash from a local cannabis connoisseur in Vancouver. Following the addition of a small amount of water, the hash is pressed. It is characterized by the scent and taste of blueberries. This product's THC averages 30 percent and has a slow build, but once it kicks in, it is long-lasting. This hash has a sweet aroma of piney and blueberry, with a soft and pliable texture and a mild to strong taste that is very smooth and does not overwhelm you immediately. For those looking to have a chill day or help fight stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia this is an excellent choice.

Camel Hash

Growers leave plants on the field when making camel hash until they have almost dried, by which point they will be a reddish-brown color. They are then picked and taken to a barn where, just like tobacco, they are hung and dried. Dried buds are rubbed over fine silk fabric, creating a powder deposited inside plastic bags, where before winter it is "aged." Buy this unique Camel Hash online at The Green Ace Marijuana Dispensary in Canada. Shop with confidence knowing your payment is safe & secure.


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Medi-Star Hash

Medi-star is a joyful Indica and is the perfect strain after a tiring day. It is known all around the


Buy Elephant Hash Online at The Green Ace Online Dispensary. Hashish, also known as hash, is made from cannabis. Hashish is a cannabis resin and usually consumed by smoking a small piece using a bong, joint, pipe or vaporizer. Some users ingest it orally.


Black MERCEDES HASH considered a mid-tier hash from Lebanon. One can easily notice its dark brown surface and a lighter brown interior and is lightly aromatic, a hit of spice notes with an earthy flavor profile. It is notable for its malleable consistency, making it an easy touch especially when the heat is applied.