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How To Roll A Perfect Joint

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Rolling your favourite cannabis strains into a joint is a great way to enjoy the flavour of your flower. It’s one of the more iconic ways to consume cannabis. Every cannabis smoker should know how to roll a joint. There are countless opinions on the different ways of rolling one, but whatever you do, make sure your creation burns smoothly and evenly.

How much weed should be in a joint?

When starting out, it’s recommended to use a 1/2 gram of weed and normal or 1 1/4 sized rolling papers. This is a good amount of weed for a couple of people and starting off on the smaller side will make rolling the joint more manageable.

For reference, most of the pre-rolls you buy at the store are a full gram, although some come in 2-packs of half-grams.

When you get good at rolling, you can move up to King sized papers and full-gram joints and widen your smoking circle.

Step-by-step guide on how to roll the perfect joint

Here is a 7-step guide on the easiest way to roll a classic cone joint to help you hone your own craft, even for beginners. You will be rolling a perfect joint in no time.

Begin by gathering your rolling supplies:

  • Cannabis strain of your choice
  • Weed grinder
  • Crutch (for the joint crutch or filter)
  • Rolling papers (any kind of your choice)
  • Optional: A pen, or a similarly shaped object to help pack the joint

Step 1: Grind the cannabis

Break down your cannabis into shake. It should break down easily if your cannabis is dried well. A grinder is helpful to keep your hand from getting sticky and thus sticking to the joint paper.

You can also grind the flower down by hand, using scissors, or any other breakdown methods.

Step 2: Create joint crutch/filter

You can make a crutch (also called a tip or filter) out of just about anything, but thin cardboard or business cards are solid go-to’s. Many joint papers also include crutch material with their packaging.

Roll the material to the desired thickness of your joint, starting with a few “accordion” folds at the end of the cardboard. The crutch helps to keep the shake from falling out of the end or into your mouth as you smoke, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. It can also add stability to the joint & allows you to enjoy every bit of cannabis without burning your fingertips.

Step 3: Fill joint with cannabis

Fill the paper with the shake & the crutch. Once the paper has the right amount of shake (a half gram to a gram usually does the trick), you can begin to form and shape the joint with your fingers.

There are a lot of different types and flavours of joint papers available. Many people prefer hemp papers because they tend to be thin but strong, and burn evenly without losing the flavour of your weed.

Step 4: Pack the joint

Once you’ve loaded and shaped your joint, pinch the paper between your fingertips & roll it back and forth between them to pack the cannabis down into its final cone shape.

Step 5: Roll the joint

This step is really important, it can make or break the quality of your joint.

Start with the crutch side because it can help guide the paper as it rolls around itself. Tuck the unglued side of the paper into the roll, roll it up & use the glued edge to tack down one end of the paper, using just a little bit of moisture.

Once the paper is tacked down on one end, you can work your way down the rest of the seam by tucking & sealing the joint to the end.

Step 6: Finish your joint

Finally, pack the end of the joint to help ensure an even burn. You can use just about anything like a pen, a small stick, or the drawstring on your hoodie.

You may want to close the tip with a twist if you’re not planning on sparking your joint right away.

Step 7: Enjoy

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