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Buy Weed Online in Quebec

Buy Weed Online in Quebec

Whether you’re in Montreal, Laval, Quebec City, Gatineau or one of the many other great cities and towns of the province, it’s easy to buy weed online in Quebec. As long as you’re of legal age and have proof of I.D. you can buy all kinds of cannabis strains, concentrates, oils, edibles, and other products for delivery from Phantom Weed Online.

Quebec is one of the best cities for marijuana enthusiasts thanks to the liberal laws and rich cannabis culture. Although you can’t grow your own weed, there are plenty of options when it comes to buying and using it. Here’s a guide on buying weed in Quebec.

Where Can You Buy Weed in Quebec?

Quebec has long been known as a major hotspot for cannabis culture, especially Montreal. However, the legalization of recreational cannabis use in 2018 has made it even better. Residents of the province now have many options when it comes to buying weed and cannabis products.

There are now many SQDC stores open across the province. Most of these are located in Montreal and Quebec City, although some other towns and cities will have a physical location or two. However, for more selection and better prices, many Quebecers choose to buy marijuana online.

There are many options to buy weed online Quebec. Although the government does offer online sales, you can often find more affordable prices from the many online marijuana delivery services. For instance, Phantom Weed Online offers a much larger range of strains and cannabis products available for delivery across the country, including anywhere in Quebec.

How to Buy Weed Online Quebec

If you want to buy marijuana online in Quebec, you have plenty of choices. Not only can you get your hands on high-quality indica, sativa, and hybrid strains of weed, but you can also buy concentrates, edibles, oils, and a lot more from the internet.

What’s more, it only takes a few minutes to make an online order. You can Sign Up as a member for access to a huge product range. This allows you to browse through the online store and check out product descriptions and reviews to get the best products for your purposes. For more information on ordering and paying, check out the FAQ page.

Bear in mind that while the legal age for cannabis use in Quebec is 18, you must be 19 or over to order from West Coast Cannabis. However, providing you have proof of age, you can order as much cannabis as you want for discreet and safe delivery direct to your address.

Why Buy Weed Online in Quebec?

Although residents of major cities such as Quebec City and Montreal will already have access to physical marijuana stores, buying online can still be beneficial. In fact, getting your marijuana online has many benefits no matter where you live in Canada.

When you buy online, you’ll often find fantastic value for your money. Tons of strains are available to browse through and you can often get big discounts, especially when you buy in higher quantities.

What’s more, while public possession limits limit you to 30 grams of dried cannabis, you can get much more when you order online. Quebec cannabis laws allow you to keep up to 150 grams of dried cannabis at home. However, make sure you keep your weed locked away safely and out of the reach of children.

Many people buy weed online purely due to convenience. Some users live far away from legal cannabis stores, and even those who live nearby may prefer to get home delivery. Buying online takes out all of the hassle of buying marijuana and you can rely on your order being sent safely and discreetly.

Buy Weed Online in QuebecWeed Laws Quebec

Before you start buying marijuana, it helps to know the cannabis laws of Quebec. There are a few significant differences between the cannabis laws of Quebec and other provinces. Fortunately, the government is fairly relaxed when it comes to weed and adults have plenty of ways to buy and smoke it.

While most Canadian provinces require you to be at least 19 years old to buy and use marijuana, the legal age in Quebec is 18. Although some online stores will require you to be at least 19, anyone aged 18 or over is able to use cannabis products. Unlike most other provinces, growing your own marijuana in Quebec is illegal.

The laws on where you can smoke are also a little more flexible in Quebec than most provinces. Like with anywhere else in Canada, you’re able to smoke in private residences providing you’re not restricted by the landlord. Quebec also allows you to use cannabis in public places where tobacco is permitted, although you can not smoke near schools or on university campuses.

Best Weed to Buy Online in Quebec

If you want to start buying weed online in Quebec, there are plenty of products available. Here are some of the best cannabis strains available to buy online for delivery.

  • Zombie Kush is a very powerful Indica that hits hard with relaxation effects on users. This bud is perfect for moments of reflection and alone times. It offers a perfectly balanced body high with a far-reaching relaxed effect that is felt by every bone in your body. The general effect is a relaxed body while side effects include sleepiness, a mild case of couch lock, cottonmouth, and the munchies.
  • Super Nuke is an Indica that will blow you away with its euphoric, happy feeling, day or night. The uplifting effects help with depression and loss of appetite. It also helps with insomnia, pain, and writers’ block. It inspires and piques your creativity before wearing you out. At the end of the day, you would want to find a couch or bed to drift off in.
  • Bubba OG  is an Indica-dominant Hybrid that has large, log-shaped flowers with dark green leaves mish-mashed with lighter green calyxes & bright orange hairs. It is a perfect strain that’s suitable for treating pain, muscle spasms, nausea & insomnia.
  • Black Diamond  is a Northern California strain ideal for patients who need strong medication but still want to be active and sociable. It induces a relaxed, happy, and euphoric feeling. It comes in handy for that academic that has a table filled with unfinished research work as well as that shy person that wants to hang out and meet new people.
  • Rockstar is a cross between Rockbud & Sensi Star, is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that delivers strong effects without debilitating sedation. It induces a euphoric feeling, calms the mind, improves focus and prompts giggles. It helps to alleviate depression and stress as well as control pain and nausea, boost appetite and relax the body. This strain will have you feeling like a rockstar for a pretty long while.

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